Introducing our new lines of SPF Quantum® shrimp.

Quantum-G®, bred for rapid growth and Quantum-R®, bred for disease resistance.


Superior Genetics. Superior Broodstock. Superior Results.


Developing the best genetics available so that the world’s shrimp farmers can produce efficiently, profitably, and sustainably.


The most trusted and valuable provider of improved genetics to the shrimp farming industry.

Tomorrow’s Shrimp Today

Our innovative use of technology generates the best, most sophisticated shrimp genetics in the world. What gives Sea Products Development an advantage over all others is our blend of cutting-edge technology and our unparalleled dedication to financial, social, and environmental sustainability.

With over 25 years of experience in shrimp culture, genetics, and customer service, SPD helps clients produce an abundance of quality product and maximize profits. Our promise to customers reflects the company’s core values of integrity, transparency, and respect in everything we do.