An Uncompromising Commitment

To us, sustainability isn’t a fad or a marketing gimmick. Being good stewards of the global environment and ensuring sustainable food supply for the next generation is the bedrock upon which our company is built. Everything we do and every decision we make all ties back to doing what’s best for the environment and for mankind.

In support of our clients’ goals to produce great product quality and maximize profits, we begin at the genetic level to engineer the strongest, best species possible. Leveraging the power of technology, we far exceed the competition in our ability to control every aspect of the environment to yield a brood stock of superior quality.

Harvest Rates 3x Industry Standard

Shrimp production, whether wild caught or farmed, is limited by grow-out time, the weather, and fishing regulations.  Using the GBT technology of super intensive stocking in eight (8) ponds inside each air-supported dome, harvests are staggered allowing year-round shrimp availability.  Further, the GBT technology not only allows staggered harvesting, it also allows harvests to meet market demands.  For example, in ponds designated to produce 45-gram shrimp, a partial harvest of the ponds when the market desires 28-gram shrimp can allow as many as sixteen harvests per 8 pond dome.

Specific Pathogen Free

The gold standard of disease free shrimp aquaculture is the designation “Specific Pathogen Free” or “SPF.” Shrimp and shrimp farms undergo constant testing by accredited university laboratories (the University of Arizona Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory in the U.S.) and certification by national animal health regulatory agencies (the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service or APHIS in the United States) to insure that they are free of pathogens identified by the World Organization for Animal Health (officially the Office International des Epizooties or OIE).

No Discharge System

SPD, as well as the entire family of Global Blue Technologies operations, subscribes to the corporate mantra of environmental responsibility.  To that end, from hatchery to production, all operations incorporate recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology.  Water into SPD’s hatchery is never sent back into the body of water from where it came.  It is never discharged back into the environment.  Instead it follows a closed-loop where it is treated then placed back into the grow-out or production facility to start its journey over.

Industry Leading Global Logistics

SPD is in the vanguard of developing and securing a seamless process for insuring broodstock or PL orders are shipped and delivered in a timely and professional manner.  That process includes securing necessary permitting, processing requisite documentation for each client nation, and building strong relationships with domestic and international carriers.

Our Team

Eduardo Figueras

Eduardo Figueras

General Director

Eduardo is respected among his peer shrimp geneticists worldwide for his pioneering work as co-founder of the “Blue Revolution” in shrimp aquaculture. For the last three-plus decades, he has overseen all aspects of production in hatcheries, nurseries, intensive grow out farms and breeding programs in the USA, Brunei and Mexico. His expertise covers a wide range of shrimp species including Litopenaeus vannamei, Litopenaeus stylirostris and Penaeus monodon.

Miguel Artiles-Rodriguez

Miguel Artiles-Rodriguez

Hatchery Manager

Miguel served as the national and international aquaculture industry as lead geneticist, head of research and production chief for over 30 years. He managed and directed all shrimp culture processes: Maturation, Larval Rearing and Grow out. His expertise in finfish and shrimp aquaculture covers a variety of species including Litopenaeus vannamei, Litopeaneus schmitti, Litopenaeus stylirostris and Penaeus notialis.