Eduardo Figueras Named CEO of GBT & Affiliates

By October 27, 2016Uncategorized

Eduardo Figueras was named CEO of the entire complex of innovative aquaculture facilities affiliated with Global Blue Technologies (GBT) in Taft, Texas. He will lend more than three decades of hands-on, management, scientific and practical experience in overseeing and guiding the application of GBT’s cutting edge recirculating aquaculture technology to all aspects of hatchery as well as shrimp and marine finfish production operations.


The GBT aquaculture campus is unlike any throughout the world. It is home to the only entirely U.S. owned and operated commercial shrimp hatchery, a massive shrimp production facility deemed “the future of shrimp aquaculture” during the 2015 meeting of the World Aquaculture Society’s Latin American sector, and a unique fin fish R&D laboratory investigating high value, high nutrition marine fish species never before farmed via land-based RAS technology.


Mr. Figueras oversight of GBT shrimp aquaculture ranges from genetic selection and development of shrimp broodstock to meet GBT’s shrimp production needs as well as to provide shrimp farmers throughout the United States and the world with seed stock and breeding pairs developed to thrive in distinct geographic regions.

Mr. Figueras is one of the creative leaders within the farmed shrimp industry. He is acknowledged as one of the key contributors to the “blue revolution” within shrimp aquaculture. He showed the industry that production of seed stock can be supplied under bio-secure, controlled hatchery conditions versus the traditional habit of capturing brood stock from the wild.


In the late 1980s, Mr. Figueras’ research led to the set up one of the pioneering domesticated broodstock programs. In the 1990s, he began incorporating technologies to apply and manage the flock system in intensive shrimp farming resulting in increased sustainability, an innovation that eventually evolved into what today is known as shrimp aquaculture’s “blue revolution.”

Re-evaluating and redefining aquaculture procedures accepted as immutable over generations and centuries takes creativity, passion and confidence. Each is a trait flowing through Mr. Figueras’ genes. His mother, Aurora Gil, shattered tradition throughout her life. At a teen, she challenged Franco’s fascist ideology as a combat nurse during the Spanish Civil War. Migrating from Spain to Mexico, she gained fame as an artist at a time and in a country where women were excluded from the world of commercial and fine art. More information about her art can be found at

Under Mr. Figueras’ oversight, the GBT aquaculture operations promise to create a truly competitive global shrimp and marine finfish aquaculture industry.

Within a year after Mr. Figueras designed the GBT affiliate hatchery, Sea Products Development (SPD), shrimp farmers throughout Texas and the European Union became the preferred supplier of post larvae seed stock. SPD’s quality product contributed to breaking the virtual monopoly held by an Asian-owned supplier.