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Sea Products Development’s CEO, Eduardo Figueras, was honored by AquaIndia 2018’s invitation to participate in a panel discussion with the world’s leading geneticists on the future of shrimp aquaculture. That discussion was of primary significance to the Conference theme “Taking Indian Aquaculture to Greater Heights.”

Mr. Figueras together with Annie Wang, SPD’s very capable presence in Asia, and Stephen B. White, CEO of Sustainable Sea Products International (SSPI), attended the important industry gathering in Chennai, India the first week in February.

In addition to explaining SPD’s industry-leading progress in shrimp and finfish genetics research and solidifying relations with new and existing clients for SPD’s brood stock sales and sustainable seafood suppliers to SSPI, they fielded questions on the status of SPD’s rapid recovery from Hurricane Harvey. They explained SPD’s broodstock development center is up and running and work has begun on the new state-of-the-art hatchery building that will triple SPD’s production capacity.

Joining Mr. Figueras on the genetics panel were representatives from Hendrix Genetics, Benchmark Holdings, and Shrimp Improvement Systems (SIS). Hendrix Genetics recently purchased IAqua/Kona Bay and is well respected for its work with salmonids (salmon and trout), swine, and poultry. Benchmark Holdings also built its reputation on salmonid research plus a few other common fish species (tilapia, bream, etc.).

Mr. Figueras explained SPD’s high survival, fast growth genetic lines survived Harvey with no breach in their biosecurity. That fact was demonstrated in certification renewal by state and federal regulators. Also of interest was the fact that SPD’s new “Texas” line will be undergoing challenge testing at the University of Arizona shortly. SPD’s genetics research affiliate, Prometheus Progenitor Genetics Technologies will provide key breakthroughs in isolating desirable traits in shrimp and finfish genetics via microsatellite and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays.

Mr. Figueras, Ms. Wang, and Mr. White were pleased that India’s brood stock clients hold SPD brood stock in high esteem and eagerly await the next delivery later this year. The SPD brood stock exhibited strong survival upon arrival in India and equally strong fecundity throughout their grow out period. They acknowledged the companies’ pride in being an approved provider to India’s brood stock market and in their role bringing high quality, sustainable product to the world market through SSPI.

Pictured at the top are Eduardo Figueras, CEO of SPD, and Stephen White, CEO of SSPI, visiting with representatives of India’s Coastal Aquaculture Alliance including Member Secretary Dr. C. Gopal (right).

More pictures from this conference will be posted as they become available.

Stephen White, Annie Wang, and Eduardo Figueras enjoying the conference.