Post Hurricane Harvey Update

By December 6, 2017Uncategorized

With clean-up in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey completed, plans are in hand to enable construction on Sea Products Development’s (SPD) new and greatly expanded state-of-the-art hatchery the first week of the New Year. First delivery of PLs to domestic clients is projected for March 2018 with brood stock expected to be ready for shipping in time for international farms’ initial stockings throughout Asia.

SPD staff and contractors are working round-the-clock to re-equip the Broodstock Development Center (BDC) to house maturing PLs now being raised on site.

“We fully intend to be ready to supply our domestic and international clients with both quality brood stock and PL’s in time to meet their stocking deadlines for the 2018 season,” said SPD Chief Executive Eduardo Figueras.

“In addition to expanding our facilities and production capabilities we are particularly excited in anticipation of the opening of the nuclear genetics development center by our newest sister company, Prometheus Progenitor Genetics Technologies.”

“Our Taft, Texas campus is filled with activity both in terms of new and revamped construction as well as on-going husbandry of our brood animals,” said Figueras.