Sea Products Development LLC Adds Broodstock Development Center

By February 9, 2017Uncategorized

The completion of the new Sea Products Development (SPD) Broodstock Development Center (BDC) marks the first phase of SPD’s planned multi-million dollar expansion. Upon completion, SPD foresees its emergence as the most advanced and unique shrimp genetics center in the world.

SPD’s Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) facilities are unique on many levels. They are the first worldwide to be housed under pressurized rigid air domes that protect the Center’s all important SPF status. It is also the only shrimp genetics center wholly owned and operated by North American interests currently operating in the continental United States.

SPD’s Nucleus Genetic Center will soon embark upon a scientifically ambitious program to develop shrimp brood lines tailored to provide client-specific optimum survival and growth characteristics for farming regions throughout the world. Borrowing an analogy from the wine industry to describe the effort, SPD will develop “varietal” genetic lines of broodstock matched to each client shrimp-farming region. They will be the aquaculture equivalent of vintners crafting Chianti associated with central Italy, Burgundy for southeast France or Shiraz for Australia.

An important side goal is to wean shrimp farmers from stocking their ponds via black market broodstock do to their inability to find legal supplies and to avoid the potential contaminant vectors associated with illegal and unregulated broodstock sourcing. The brood animals raised in the new BDC will be of the highest quality and express the most consistent and fecund breeding performance. The BDC enables SPD to produce 150,000 broodstock per year for GBT’s own production needs as well as those of its international clients.

SPD entered the highly competitive shrimp genetics field barely two years ago amid industry-wide skepticism that the company could not break into the dominant position one international hatchery enjoyed world-wide. Today SPD is providing brood pairs to shrimp farms in India and making inroads elsewhere in Asia. It’s also shipping seed stock to farms throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East thanks to SPD’s premium genetics.